Samsung C414

Samsung S275

Powerful, reliable, and compact, the Samsung S275 delivers super-fast connections with Bluetooth® Technology. You can capture memories in an instant, too, by flipping open the S275 and snapping a photo with the 1.3 megapixel camera.

  • Keyboard
  • Camera
  • Bluetooth®
  • Internet
  • SIM Card




with a 2-yr contract
with a 30 day contract

Large, easy to use keypad
Large, easy to read buttons make it easy to type if you like tactile feedback when texting and making calls.
1.3 MP camera
Quickly flip open the phone and snap a photo.
Bluetooth® 2.1 enabled
Use wireless accessories with your phone via Bluetooth®.
SIM card compatible
With SIM card technology, it's easy to transfer your phone number and contacts to another phone. Plus, by being on the HSPA network, you'll be able to roam in more countries when you travel.