You can access Call Forwarding, Call Waiting and Conference Calling services from your device menu.

Note: The functionality of these features, along with other optional feature add-ons, may vary depending on your phone. Review the standard list of features and downloads, and how to activate them on your unlocked, HSPA-compatible phone.

When you activate your SIM card, your service will be provided in accordance with Solo Mobile’s service agreement and the terms of service in effect at the time of activation. Review Solo Mobile’s current terms of service. The terms that will apply to your service will include a limitation of Solo Mobile’s liability, an acceptable-use policy, a 30-day notice period for termination of service, and a requirement to pay certain fees upon early termination of any committed service period.

Devices purchased other than through Solo Mobile must be unlocked. Unlocking a device may void the manufacturer’s warranty and Solo Mobile will not provide a warranty or any return policy for the unlocked device. Voice (on voice-capable devices) and text are supported; the ability to use other services, including data, roaming and some 911 services, varies by device and some or all of these services may not work. Charges for some services may vary by device. It is your responsibility to ensure your device is compatible with the plan and features you select.