We are committed to providing you with the best after-sales service and warranty policies. Feel free to contact us at
1 877 999-SOLO or visit a Bell store near you with any mobile phone problems or repairs. Mobile phone problems can be related to the mobile network or the actual mobile phone, or in some cases, both. Here are a few tips to help you identify the problem:

  1. If your problem cannot be easily reproduced, or is isolated to specific locations or times of day, it is most probably network related. It's vital that you let us know about this, as you are the key to improving our network. Please contact us at 1 877 999-SOLO or visit a Bell store near you to report the issue.
  2. If you can easily reproduce the problem in any area or at any time of day, your mobile phone is likely the problem. In some cases, mobile phone issues are identified and fixed by the manufacturer through software upgrades.
  3. Water damage is the most common repair issue that is not covered by warranty. Your mobile phone could be water damaged even if you didn't immerse it in water. Exposure to excess humidity, steam or splashing, rain, and even perspiration can damage your mobile phone. If you accidentally get your mobile phone wet, disassemble all easily removable parts such as the battery, battery cover or client-removable faceplate (do not try to further disassemble your mobile phone - this will void your warranty) and let the phone dry for several hours before reuse. Water damage can lead to corrosion that can affect the functioning of your mobile phone several days, weeks or months after exposure to water. In general, water damage is not repairable.