Use this info guide to learn how to activate and use Call Forwarding.

Call Forwarding immediately redirects calls intended for your mobile phone to another number, such as your home or office number.

How it works


  • To turn Call Forwarding on, dial *72#, the area code, and the number you wish to forward your calls to, then press SEND.
  • To turn Call Forwarding off, dial *720 and SEND.
  • You will always hear a confirmation tone when turning Call Forwarding on or off.
  • You can still make outgoing calls when Call Forwarding is turned on.
  • If you forward your calls to a long-distance number, you will be billed the applicable long-distance charges.
  • If you forward your calls to another mobile phone, airtime charges will be billed to that phone’s account.

3.5G (HSPA)

  1. Go to the Call Settings menu from the main menu of your phone. Select Call Forwarding.
  2. Select the type of call you would like to forward and then follow the prompts to activate. You will receive a free confirmation text message to confirm that your action has been completed.
  3. If you forward a call to a long distance number, remember that you will be billed the applicable long-distance fees.

*Not all international phone numbers can receive forwarded calls.

Good to know

Forward your incoming calls to another phone number for as little as $0.25/minute. Or, forward an unlimited number of calls with a monthly subscription for $3/month.

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Call Forwarding troubleshooting

Calls aren't being transferred to my Call Forwarding destination.

  • Make sure you forwarded your calls to the right number by re-activating Call Forwarding with that number.
  • If the destination number is long distance, dial the 11 digits (1 + area code + number).
  • If your account is temporarily suspended, you will not be able to forward or to receive calls.

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