Reach people in 100 countries.

Send an international text message from Canada to mobile phone users who subscribe to one of 199 wireless companies in 100 countries outside of North America.

How to send text messages internationally

  1. Check the list to make sure your mobile phone can exchange international text messages.
  2. Check the chart to make sure the person you're sending your text message to is a subscriber with an international wireless company that accepts international text messages sent from Solo Mobile clients.
  3. If the person's wireless company is on the list, just follow the same steps you would to compose a regular text message, but in the To field, type in their international mobile phone number. This is the same phone number you would use if you were to call the person.
  4. Type in your message (up to 130 characters).
  5. Send!

Note: If you have an HSPA phone, instead of including the international dialing code, you should use plus code dialing. For example, if you are sending an international text message to Zambia and wireless company MTN Zambia, you would enter +260 followed by the 11-digit phone number into the To field.

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How your international contacts send you a text message

Your international contacts can reply directly back to your message, just as they would to a regular text message. Or, to compose a new message, they can send the text message to your mobile phone number according to their wireless company's international text messaging dialing instructions.

Note: International text messages are not included in the Text Messaging Bundles. There is no guarantee of actual delivery or delivery within a specific period of time. Messages to Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Guam, Puerto Rico and Saipan are 15¢ each.

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