The manufacturer's limited warranty for defects to your Solo Mobile device is valid for one year from the date of purchase, with the original bill of sale.

For all defects covered by the limited warranty, the manufacturer will repair (or at their discretion, exchange for a refurbished unit) the device. If the manufacturer replaces the device, the replacement device will carry a warranty period equivalent to the remainder of the original device's warranty, or will be covered for 90 days from the date of replacement, whichever period is longer.

The manufacturer's limited warranty does not cover defects or damage caused by:

  • improper storage
  • damage from liquids
  • unauthorized modification
  • misuse
  • neglect
  • abuse
  • accidents
  • alteration
  • improper installation
  • abnormal operating conditions
  • events outside of human control, such as natural disasters, for which no one can be held responsible.

When covered by the manufacturer's limited warranty, the following devices are always replaced with a refurbished model:

  • Turbo Sticks, Cards and Hubs
  • Some Palm devices, with the exception of the Palm Pre, which is repaired, not replaced
  • Apple iPhones

These devices will be exchanged within 24 to 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays), although shipping times will vary nationally.

Repairs covered by the manufacturer's limited warranty are not done at a Bell store.

Other than Apple iPhone, bring your device to a Product Assistance Centre.

For Apple iPhone, contact Technical support to request service or repair by phone.

Find out more about out-of-warranty repairs.

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