Solo Mobile may charge you a one-time fee for certain transactions. These fees may vary depending on how you go about making the change (by phone, in store or online).

Here’s a list of some of the current one-time fees that might apply to you, depending on what you need done and how your request is fulfilled.

Remember that these fees will change over time, so check back immediately prior to making your transaction to ensure you are looking at the most current list.

Fee* By phone In store Online
Change mobile number $60 $60 N/A
Hardware upgrade $60 $60 N/A
Program a device Free Free N/A
Resume a cancelled service N/A N/A N/A
Restore a suspended service $0 ($60 per line if was suspended for non-payment) N/A N/A
Split a service $35 N/A N/A
Reset a voicemail password $5 N/A Free
Change a Fab number $5 N/A Free
Change the name on the bill or transfer ownership $60 N/A N/A
Bill reprint fee $20/bill N/A Free (last 18 months available)

*Subject to change over time. Applicable taxes extra.

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