Protecting your mobile phone with Smart/Phone Care plans

When you buy a new phone it comes with a limited 12-month warranty for manufacturer’s defects and malfunctions. See what's included in the Manufacturer's 12-month warranty.

Smart/Phone Care Plus and Premium Plans give you additional coverage and peace of mind, knowing you don’t have to pay the full price for a replacement and your device is protected from problems beyond the manufacturer’s limited warranty.

How does Smart/Phone Care work?

If your phone or smartphone requires repair during the original 12-month manufacturer’s warranty period, simply visit a Product Assistance Centre.

What type of plans are there?

There are two plans to choose from:

  • For $4 per month, the Plus Plan covers failure due to defects in parts and workmanship beyond the manufacturer’s standard warranty period.
  • For $7 per month, the Premium Plan covers failure due to defects in parts and workmanship beyond the manufacturer’s standard warranty period, as well as:
    • Loss or theft*
    • Accidental damage (including liquid damage)
    • Power surges
    • Normal wear and tear

When and how can I enroll?**

The best time to enroll in Smart/Phone Care is at the time of upgrade. You can also enroll within 15 days of upgrade by visiting any Bell store for a visual inspection of your device. Previously damaged or defective units are not eligible for the program.

What happens if I don’t enroll?

The Premium and Plus plans are optional to customers. You’re not required to purchase a plan when you upgrade with Solo Mobile. But without protection you may be responsible for the full replacement cost of your device in case of damage, loss or other failure outside the manufacturer’s standard warranty period.

How do I file a service request?

Simply call 1 866 213-2143 to file a service request.†

A replacement device will be shipped to your home or office, typically within 1–2 business days.†† Shipping fees may apply.

Our goal is to give you the same make and model you purchased. We may fulfill service requests with like-new devices of the same or a comparable model. As a result, colour, features and accessory compatibility are not guaranteed.

If your device includes a SIM card and you remove the SIM card to use it with another device, the other device does not become covered by Smart/Phone Care.

What if I want to cancel my Smart/Phone Care Plan?

This is a month-to-month plan; you may cancel at any time without termination fees.

Eligible Solo Mobile models (as of May 17, 2012):


  • LG 230
  • LG 260
  • LG Rumour 265
  • Samsung Cleo™
  • Samsung Entro m350
  • Samsung m230
  • Samsung m300
  • Samsung m320
  • Samsung m330
  • Samsung r100
  • Samsung r330
  • Samsung r351 Link
  • Samsung G3-T479B
  • Samsung C414M


  • Samsung Galaxy 551
  • Samsung Galaxy W T679M
  • Samsung Gio S5660M
  • BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8130

*If your device is lost or stolen, call Solo Mobile immediately at 1 877 999-SOLO to suspend service and prevent unauthorized use.

**To complete your enrollment and for coverage to take effect, a phone call must be completed to or from the covered phone or smartphone. Smart/Phone Care Plans do not cover phones on prepaid accounts, SIM cards, or accessories (including batteries and chargers).

†Only an authorized user on the account can make a service request. Proof of ownership and/or government-issued identification may be required to complete a service request.

††Can take up to 10 days.

Current as of May 17 2012. Subject to change without notice; not combinable with other offers. Taxes extra. Other conditions apply. Certain limitations and exclusions apply, including to the coverage and liability. See Section 23 of the Terms & Conditions for complete details.

The Plan does not cover: [1] Incidental or consequential damages; [2] Failures caused by war, revolution, acts of public enemy or terrorist, labour difficulties, including without limitation, strikes, slowdowns, picketing or boycotts, civil commotion, embargo, acts of government, or military authority; [3] Abuse, misuse, or intentional acts; [4] Pre-existing Failures of the Covered Equipment occurring before the time it was established as the Covered Equipment; [5] Failures that occur within the first twelve (12) months of the date of activation of the Covered Equipment on the Bell Network, which are operational or structural failures of the Covered Equipment to operate due to defects in parts or workmanship; [6] Changes or enhancements in colour, texture, finish, expansion, contraction, or any cosmetic damage to Covered Equipment however caused, including, but not limited to, scratches and marring, that do not affect the mechanical or electrical function of the Covered Equipment; and; [7] Failure of the Covered Equipment caused by computer viruses or similar unauthorized intrusive codes or programming. Further, Covered Equipment does not include and the Plan does not cover: [1] Contraband or property in the course of illegal transportation or trade; [2] Property in transit to You from anyone other than Us; [3] Routine maintenance and consumable items, such as batteries (one standard Battery will be provided with Replacement Equipment if the Replacement Equipment is a different model than the Covered Equipment or if the Battery has also failed); [4] Battery Chargers (one standard Charger will be provided with Replacement Equipment if the Replacement Equipment is a different model than the Covered Equipment or if the Charger has also failed); [5] Antennas, unless there is also a Failure of the Covered Equipment; [6] SIM Card; or [7] Any accessories (except as otherwise provided with respect to the Battery and/or Charger), including but not limited to colour face plates, personalized data, or customized software, such as personal information managers (PIMs), ring tones, games, or screen savers. Solo and Solo Mobile design are trademarks of Bell Mobility Inc.