My phone displays "SIM card rejected" or "SIM card unaccepted." What should I do?

Check to see if the SIM card is out of alignment. If the phone has recently been dropped, bumped, or opened, the SIM card may need adjusting. Follow the SIM card installation instructions in your user guide.

Check to see if you have entered your PIN incorrectly multiple times. This can inactivate the SIM card. You may need to use your master security code (PUK) to unlock your SIM card.

If you have recently changed service providers, either your SIM card or your phone may need reconfiguring, or your phone may be locked by your previous service provider.

If you have checked the above and your SIM card is still displaying an error message, your card may be damaged. Please visit a Bell store for further assistance.

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What is the '+' code format?

All incoming calls and messages will appear on your screen in the '+' code format if you have an HSPA device with a Solo SIM card. Use this format for making local, long distance and international calls and for sending messages.

We recommend that you save your contacts in '+' code format so that it’s easier for you to make calls and send messages when travelling. For example, you would save phone number 416 555-5555 as (+) (1) (416) (555 5555).

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