Text Messaging is a great way to communicate when talking isn't convenient. Exchange text messages with your friends and family anywhere in Canada and the U.S. Most incoming messages are free when you activate on a monthly plan with a Text Messaging Bundle, and there are no long distance fees.

Remember to get unlimited Mobile Browser for just $10/ month, or additional mobile browsing charges apply.

How to activate the service

You need a mobile phone compatible with Text Messaging. Refer to your user guide for more details.

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Text Messaging troubleshooting

I am trying to send an international text message and I am getting an error message.

Make sure that:

  • You're dialing 011 + country code + area code + mobile number
  • The number you're sending the text message to is a mobile phone and not a regular phone
  • The recipient is in an available international destination

I am trying to send a text message but getting an error message every time. I can't receive messages either.

Make sure that you are in a digital coverage area. Otherwise, you won’t be able to send or receive text messages.

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Text Messaging FAQs

Is a text message sent to the U.S. considered an international text message?

No, it counts as a regular text message and costs 15¢ to send and 15¢ to receive. If you have a monthly plan with a Text Messaging Bundle, your outgoing messages will be subtracted and your incoming messages are free. If you have a prepaid Text Messaging Bundle, your outgoing and incoming messages will be subtracted.

How much does it cost to send an international text message?

It costs 25¢ to send a text message, and 15¢ to receive. If you have a monthly plan Text Messaging Bundle, your sent messages will be billed and your incoming messages are free. If you have a prepaid Text Messaging Bundle, you will be billed to send a message but received messages will be subtracted.

Can I send a text message if I'm not in North America?

No, Solo Mobile phones can't send text messages from outside North America. Messages sent while roaming in North America are billed at 60¢/message and messages received are billed at 15¢/message; these charges apply to both monthly plan clients and prepaid clients.

What happens if I receive a text message that contains more than 130 characters?

If a message comes from a Solo Mobile subscriber, any text beyond 130 characters will be lost. If the message comes from a client of any other wireless service provider, the text in its entirety will be sent in a series of messages.

How much do text messages cost?

For prepaid clients, as of August 8th, 2008 all text messages received are 15¢ per message. If you subscribe to a Text Messaging rate plan or bundle that is not unlimited, all sent and received text messages will be deducted from your bundle on a monthly basis. International text messages sent (excluding U.S.) will increase from 20¢ to 25¢ per message for all clients.

Roaming messages include CDMA international and U.S. messages. Outgoing messages include local text messages and exclude international, roaming, alerts, premium text messages and messages sent with an instant messaging application. Incoming messages include local, international, roaming text messages and service-related messages from Solo Mobile and exclude premium, alerts or dial-up messages.

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Important information

Please check your services to determine which changes impact your account. Effective dates are included in communications you have received.

Effective October, 2010:

Late payment fees will be increased from a rate of 2% per month (26.82% per year) to 3% per month (42.58% per year).

Please click here. for options on how you can take advantage of pre-authorized payments to avoid late payment charges. Note: Please see your bill message to determine when the 3% late payment fee will take effect on your account. Some customers will experience a late payment fee change prior to October 2010.

Effective March 3, 2010:

It’s a new year and we have a great new name for our Unbeatable plans: So Low Plans. Rest assured, this change will have no impact whatsoever on the rate plan features you currently receive or on the price you currently pay. It’s the same plan, same value just with an awesome new name.


Effective May 1, 2010:

  • All incoming and outgoing calls from the United States will be charged at a rate of $1.45/min.
  • Sent text messages while roaming will be charged at $0.75 per sent messaging (incoming is included).

Learn how to save while travelling in the United States or to other International destinations with your Solo Mobile device.

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