Wireless isn't just about the phone. It's about the network. We make travelling easy with extensive wireless coverage across Canada, the U.S. and overseas.

We're committed to providing you with clear reception and extensive coverage to meet your wireless needs. Our employees are on the road each and every day. They drive more than 1 million kilometres a year to test and improve the network quality.

Our goals are simple. We want to ensure you have:

  • Quality-tested mobile phones
  • The most extensive coverage
  • Clear reception

Travelling in Canada with your phone

We've invested a great deal in upgrading our wireless digital network and developing mobile data solutions. Core digital network service is now available in many cities across Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Digital PCS and analog service covers most areas of the country where the core digital network is not available. See our latest coverage maps for more details.

While you're in Canada, you pay the same per-minute rate and keep the same bundled airtime and per-call features as your existing plan, allowing you to stay in touch affordably. Long distance charges are extra.

Roaming is not available on Prepaid plans.

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Travelling in the USA with your phone

Through our numerous roaming agreements, you have access to a vast mobile coverage area in the U.S. When you place or receive a call in the U.S., you're billed by the minute based on the type of call that is made. These travelling rates are exclusive to the U.S., and your Canadian bundled minutes and rates will remain untouched until you return home to Canada.

Type Rate
Voice All calls are rated at $1.99/min
Data All data usage is billed at $6/MB
Text $0.99 per sent text message

When you send a message while roaming in the U.S., you'll be charged $0.99 for each message sent* (incoming messages are free). Sent messages are pay-per-use and are not included in the text messaging bundles. Received text messages are charged the same as if you were in Canada. Please also note that if you’re using a prepaid plan that was activated after April 21, 2011, roaming will not be available.

Ways to save

  • Voice: Bring your Solo Mobile device to the U.S. and take advantage of low rates with one of our great new travel bundles, which let you make and receive local and international calls from the U.S.

    United States
    Mins/mo. $ Effective rate per min Each additional minute
    Up to 15 mins 15 $1.00 $1.00
    Up to 50 mins 30 $0.60 $0.60
    Up to 100 mins 50 $0.50 $0.50
    Up to 400 mins 100 $0.25 $0.25
  • Text: Add the Travel Text Saver for $10/month and get access to a preferred rate of $0.25 per text while travelling outside of Canada.

    To add a travel feature to your account, call 1 877 999-SOLO or visit a Bell store near you.

    Roaming messages include International and US messages. Outgoing messages include local text messages and exclude international, roaming, alerts, premium text messages and messages outgoing with an instant messaging application. Incoming messages include local, international, roaming text messages and service related messages from Solo Mobile and excludes premium, alerts or dial-up messages.

IMPORTANT: To comply with Government of Canada sanctions regarding Russia, effective immediately, network roaming coverage in Russia will be severely limited.

Making calls

To make a local call or a call within the U.S, the dialling method is the same. For calls to Canada, use the same method as you would for making a long distance call. To make international calls, you need to use the international dialling code: 011

IMPORTANT: Report your lost or stolen phone immediately to Solo Mobile Client Care to avoid being held responsible for fraudulent charges.

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